Conference Speakers

Brian Brock

Sales Manager, J103 Radio

Brian Brock has a unique perspective serving as both the sales and marketing arms of Tennessee based, Hullco, Inc. Brian began his career in advertising working as an account executive for a local radio station. To gain an edge, he became a student to the business, seeking knowledge of all advertising mediums in an effort to be a better resource for his clients. After nearly a decade in the radio advertising industry, Brian joined Hullco. Since joining Hullco in 2008, Brian has established a strong marketing strategy and leads a sales team that has grown revenue each year over the past 11 years. Currently Brian leads the sales team for a local, Christian radio station in Chattanooga, TN.

Rich Harshaw

CEO, Level 10 Contractor

Rich Harshaw specializes in contractor marketing and helps companies generate the increased lead flow they need to make the jump to $10 million. Over the past 25 years, he's worked with some of the most elite companies in the home improvement and home services industries. Harshaw focuses on helping clients forge a unique identity to separate themselves from their competitors, then using both online marketing and traditional media to unlock the lead flow necessary to facilitate massive growth.

Marci Katz

VP Marketing/Business Development, NEWPRO

Marci Katz is Marketing Director and VP of New Business Development at NEWPRO, a leading home improvement company serving New England for more than 70 years. Prior to that she served as Director of Client Services with Mercury Media where she developed DRTV campaigns for a variety of industries. Katz is a passionate marketer who enjoys being part of an elite group of home improvement experts around the country.

Bruce Porter

CEO, SWAT Marketing Solutions

In his 35 years of traditional and digital marketing experience, Porter has led strategic marketing initiatives for several large corporations. Prior to forming SWAT, he spent 10 years as Director of Marketing for Hayward Pool Products where he was responsible for building over 3,000 pool builder websites, increasing traffic by over 300% and turning clicks into leads. Porter formed SWAT Marketing Solutions in 2014 because he wanted to make a difference in the digital space by delivering results month after month with no monthly contracts.

Amy Rahn

Marketing Director, NewSouth Window Solutions

Amy Rahn is a partner, co-founder, and marketing director of Florida based NewSouth Window Solutions, Florida's fastest growing factory direct window and door company. Currently operating in six (soon to be seven) markets, Amy has built the NewSouth brand and handled marketing and advertising since the company's inception—resulting in growth from $0 to almost $77 million in 8 years. With a background in broadcast media and advertising, the role of marketing director was a natural one within the company. Prior to NewSouth, Rahn worked in broadcast radio in Cincinnati and in television production for the Emmy-winning season of the Joan Rivers Show in New York.